Painting and Drawing in NYC Parks (On-line art lesson #17)
Drawing and painting in city parks gives you the opportunity to practice combining architecture, nature, and people into a simple  and comprehensible composition.

This week the challenge is to go to one of your city parks and draw or paint in the media of your choice. See if you can include people, architecture, trees, and scrubs.  Go for the rhythms of the whole composition.

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7 Responses to Painting and Drawing in NYC Parks (On-line art lesson #17)

  1. Pat M. says:

    Wonderful, wonderful video, Lillian. And beautiful paintings! I’m agog. So nice to see NYC through your eyes . . . including the Flatiron!

  2. Elsy Wilkins says:

    DEAR LlLLIAN I loved the trip to New York!
    It was a wonderful experience with lovely artists, in beautiful places, great weather, multitude of blooming trees and plants and best of all A FANTASTIC FUN LOVING INSTRUCTOR. Thank you.

  3. Ahhh! …the Awesome Art Adventure in NYC is over. It was everything I had hoped it would be. Thanks sooooo much! After the great museum trips and painting in Central Park, I got to visit the Empire State Bldg and Ground Zero on the historic day after they finally caught Bin Laden. I took the train to Jersey–and besides friends and family, I got to see the Statue of Liberty and Longwood Gardens…Maybe one day I can finish a couple of my little paintings for you to post, but for now–I have another trip to get ready for! Whew!

    • Lillian Kennedy says:

      Margaret and Elsy,
      Oh – it was a dream, wasn’t it? My head if full of wonderful images of the parks and museums.

  4. Nyla Witmore says:

    I loved watching the paintings appear before my eyes. Curious about the cigar box.

    Consider doing another lesson just showing how you rigged up your box. What is included the box? Did I see an “extension” arm on the far left? How was that attached to the cigar box?
    Also…you said you drizzled “acrylic glaze” over the painting….did that mean after each layer you’d brush glaze over the surface of the painting as you went along?

    • Lillian Kennedy says:

      What great questions! I will do a post to answer them fully in the future.
      But briefly, there is no extension arm, I have a clip board on my lap and the cigar box only covers part of it.
      I drizzle the slow drying glazing medium over the paints before I begin. I used to stir it into the paint, but this way it just protects the surface a bit and I can scoop a bit of it up with the paint if I choose.

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