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Class Time

Hello and Welcome!   We have just (8/9/16) completed an interlude of 6 free art lessons  on the beautiful balcony of the KB Cafe in Vergennes, VT.

Now the site will return to what it was before my husband and I bought Kennedy Brothers and it lapsed for a few years.

The Weekly Art Lesson can become your Creative Oasis – a place  for you to refresh your spirit and practice the art of drawing and painting without fear.  Browse the archives for back lessons.

The artist’s journey is quite a ride…. sometimes it’s wild and rough – other times it’s serene and blissful; but all the time it is easier to grow our art if we have a motivating and supportive environment.

Everything from basic techniques to overcoming creative blocks will be covered, but the primary goal of this site will always be the development of your authentic self-expression as an artist.

  • Lessons are designed to work on any level.
  • Join in at any time – the lessons aren’t sequential.

Lillian Kennedy

Lillian KennedyI’m Lillian, the host of this Creative Oasis.  It is my intention to gather a community where everyone will be welcomed, supported, and motivated on their own creative journey.

Lillian has a Master’s in Painting from Parson’s School of Design in NYC. Her teaching has ranged from “Advanced light, color, and design” at Pratt Institute of Design in NYC to Elderhostel. She has worked with people all levels of ability and experience for decades. Her teaching philosophy is that everyone can learn the basics with encouragement and instruction. She is known for bringing out the uniqueness in each individual.

Lillian’s landscape paintings are in private and corporate collections all over the world. Her mural work can be seen in places such as the Tavern on the Green, the Bronx Zoo, and the old Sunset Park Courthouse in NYC.

12 Responses to About WeeklyArtLesson

  1. Vicky Reina says:

    Hi Lillian,
    I wrote on the blog on New Years day but then it disappeared. Let me know if you get this note.
    Good to see you at Carolyn’s!

    • Lillian Kennedy says:

      I usually don’t date my sketches or plein air work.
      My art work could never replace a written journal , and so we are all stuck with those words that we might regret. I try to keep my private writing private – if I am concerned about later possible consequences, I will use a code for certain things, but, in general, I have so much clutter that my personal writing couldn’t be found even if someone were looking for it. Sometimes, I destroy what I have written (as well as what I draw), but I NEED to write authentically and almost daily in order to constantly rediscover where my center is. I do date the journal entries – and I find it helpful to refer to them later.

  2. Abby says:

    Oh Lillian!
    I love your weekly art lesson.com!
    I miss you and would love to be at one of your classes soon! Hope to see you at Art Spa!

  3. Linda Laukaitis-Pecorari says:

    Hi Lillian!
    Sign me up for the weekly art lesson! Loved your demonstrations at Marion’s and have heard many good things re: the weekly art class!
    Hope all is well with you! Remember my “beautiful mother”? She will be 103 in August!

  4. Good luck with this new endeavor Lillian! Looks great.

  5. Dee Martella says:

    I’m back from a month at the Central Coast–can hardly wait to start painting again! I’m haveing trouble downloading your weekly art lesson–help!

  6. Pat Hoffman says:

    Sign me up, I may be inspired to get the sketch book out.

    Your new friend!


    • Lillian Kennedy says:

      Hi Pat,
      It was wonderful meeting you in MN. I can’t sign you up (I don’t think). You need to fill out the little box in the right sidebar AND then click the email that you will get to confirm your subscription. xo, Lill

  7. Sally Lenarz says:

    Hi Lillian. So nice to meet you last week in Minnesota at the wedding (we sat at the same table). I am really glad that I was able to remember the name of your website (remember how I was trying to memorize the website’s name by using word associations?). Well, it worked and here I am! Looks great. Your creativity inspires me. Sally

    • Lillian Kennedy says:

      It is so good to hear from you! i really enjoyed meeting you, and I’ve thought about your home in the trees with a pond. The wedding was such a treat. It’s quite a life when we can entwine with nature as James and Amy seem to do. I hope that you will continue to enjoy the site by subscribing in the side bar so that it arrives weekly in your inbox.
      My condolences on the loss of your father in law. Lillian

  8. Judy Fisher says:

    I have just recently moved back to the Boulder area. Now that I am retired from the regular 9-5 schedule, I am working on getting “back to” painting and I am also trying my hand at wood carving. In college I painted entirely in oils and I am now trying to use acrylics which is a learning process, to be sure.
    I would like to sign up for your weekly online class and perhaps in the future will join in on your regular classes. I did not see if there is a charge for the online class.

    Please let me know as I am excited to have this support and creative encouragement.

    Thanks, Judy Fisher

    • Lillian Kennedy says:

      Judy, Welcome back!
      The WeeklyArtLesson subscription is free. After subscribing on the side bar of the site, be sure to open and click the confirmation email that you will receive. Can’t wait to meet you.

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