Different strokes – Daffodils Revisited (On-line art lesson #16)


Daffodils are still blooming not only in gardens, but also at the weekly art lesson.  Inspired by the artwork that some of you sent in, I’ve continued the theme from lesson #13 (Painting Daffodils) 

Thanks to Eilene Rubin, Tisha Wood, Margaret Bobb, Shirley Levine, and Kathleen Johns who have their work included in the video.

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7 Responses to Different strokes – Daffodils Revisited (On-line art lesson #16)

  1. Oh, Lilly!

    …how FUN! I love the analogy of the cup and saucer to be studied for elipticals…you are toooo smart! I guess that’s why you’re the teacher! Well, gotta go pack for the NYC workshop trip! YAY!

  2. Nyla Witmore says:

    I’m in awe of all of you in Lilly’s class…Daffodils are HAAAAARRRRRRDDDD!
    She was there to help urge you onward and upward. You all did it!
    So, I’ll do a narcissus now …and hope it will be easier than the daffodil I tried after watching the video 4 times!

    • Lillian Kennedy says:

      Now, I KNOW that you can do a beautiful daffodil… I remember being stunned by your yellow iris.
      The pale yellows in the daffodil are more difficult in oil than acrylic because they are so delicate and easily lost. With acrylic, the layers dry so fast that the cool light yellow can always be recovered with a clean layer without getting muddy.
      The artist’s in the video didn’t do the daffodils in the class – or with any input from me. For example, I photographed Kathleen’s pieces in Breadworks (good show). She’s in my neighborhood, so I called and asked if I could use them. Ilene sent hers in from PA, and I had just met Shirley a few hours before she did her piece.

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  5. Doris says:

    You have taken a giant leap forward in your online teaching; these videos and collaborations are just stunning. There you are in your elfin splendor! Love it.

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