Drawing Flowers: The Individuals in the Bouquet (Online art lesson #63)

Honoring Margaret Munt

Honoring Margaret Munt

To honor the memory of Margaret Munt  (July 3, 1954 – May 31, 2012), we’re drawing flowers this week.

flower drawing, pencil and watercolor, Lillian Kennedy

A few roadside wildflowers – pencil and watercolor Lillian Kennedy

  •  Select a few flowers almost at random.  They can be wildflowers, roadside “weeds”, or carefully cultivated varieties.
  • Admire each one from different viewpoints – above, below, front, and back.
  • Think about the process of the buds opening  and blooming.  Note the different stages if they are showing in your flowers.
  • Set your eye upon the contours (edges) and your pencil on a paper.  As your eye caresses the shapes of each petal and leaf, let your pencil follow along on the paper.
  • Heighten your awareness to the different ways the flowers grow and fulfill their mission.  Appreciate their different sizes, shapes and colors.
  • “Listen” to the flowers with your eyes to hear their individual stories.
  • Aim to draw out the unique beauty of each one.

That’s what Margaret did with the people in her life.  She divined their special potential and brought it forward.  She did this in her classroom of children and in all her relationships.  Let’s honor her memory by focusing on what is beautiful in every flower and every person.  Let’s appreciate  uniqueness and see  how differences can compliment each other and work together to make a bouquet.

flowers to draw and paint

Ira Allen Chapel was lined with bouquets brought from the gardens of Margaret’s friends and family.


flowers to draw and paint



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3 Responses to Drawing Flowers: The Individuals in the Bouquet (Online art lesson #63)

  1. What a lovely tribute to a person whose absence here is sorely felt. I shall be reminded of this lesson the next time I draw or paint flowers–how we are all individuals, beautiful in our own way and yet woven together to make the beautiful bouquet of life.

  2. Lillian Kennedy says:

    Such a beautiful comment! That’s what I wanted to express in the lesson – and wanted people to think of when drawing flowers; you make me happy that it came through. xo

  3. Doris says:

    Thank you so much, Lily. Not only did you ‘get’ Margaret in your lovely tribute, you also gave Janet and family wonderful photos of the bouquets. So happy you could be here.

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