Must Have Art Books! (Online art lesson #64)

“Must have art books!” is a simple statement along the lines of “Will work for food!”

Art Books  - Charlotte, Vt book sale  weeklymart lesson

Art Books – a few of my recently acquired  treasures

Rummaging  through stacks of old books and papers, I felt like an addict needing a fix.  I was tippy and needed an art book to provide ballast and stability. I need Old Masters in order to re-affirm that, yes, beauty and harmony can be created from  chaos.

Looking at a good reproduction of a great painting can fill me with a sense of unity and harmony.  Taking that feeling back to the painting in progress can keep the piece on course.  Thank goodness the Charlotte book sale was coming up!

Sailboats have a  a big  heavy shape below the surface of the water known as a keel.   Look at the photos below and note that the keels have different shapes and sizes.  The keel on our boat weighs 2,800 lb. and it would be almost impossible to tip dear Lightwaves over.  What creates your studio keel?  Mine needs weighty art books.

sailboat in mist -  Lake Champlain, Vt - L kennedy photo

Sailboat in mist  viewed from the camp on Lake Champlain.

Sailboats and your creative life need both buoyancy and stability.  Your drawings of sailboats need both these things too.

This week, try drawing sailboats.

plein air sailboat drawing, pencil, Lillian Kennedy

plein air sailboat drawing  of Lightwaves

  •  Make your sailboats buoyant: boats float and constantly move even on a calm surface of water.
  •  Make your sailboats rooted: remember that huge shape under the water and “feel” the weight of it while you drawing of the visible parts.

What gives you that grounded feeling even while you are speeding along powered by the wind of your own inspiration?

sailboat keel, weekly art lesson, Point Bay Marina

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sailboat keel, weekly art lesson, Point Bay Marina

sailboat keel, weekly art lesson, Point Bay Marina

sailboat keels at Point Bay Marina

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  1. P Blais says:

    I just really enjoy your lessons– and have even recommended them to others!

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