What’s in Your Painting Oasis? (Online art lesson #73)

The WeeklyArtLesson was started with the idea of making a Creative Oasis in Cyberspace… a space that you could click into and feel that your art process was nurtured and supported.  In this holiday of giving thanks, I thank you all for dropping in and making that space come alive.

Cyberspace alone isn’t enough however, we also need a  tangible space to use for our creative projects.  What’s in your ideal studio?  Maybe your “studio” is your kitchen table for a few hours a week. Can you make some little change to make it more effective for yourself?  Share your ideas in the comments section.

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Assignment:  For the next month, give thanks every time you enter your studio, no matter what might be lacking from your ideal.  Really appreciate that you have any amount of time, space, and energy to create.

New art classes and painting workshops: 

 plein air watercolor first painting in 25 years, Lillian Kennedy art classes

New student Mary Ann shows the plein air watercolor that she painted today in the studio garden.  She is finally back to painting after 25 years!  We both feel blessed to be working together.

Painter’s Sanctuary: Tuesdays $15. 1-4:30  

No instruction – just come and be buoyed by the presence of other working artists. A place and time set aside for you to focus on your art in a  supportive environment.

I work right along with everyone else, and already not a day goes by that I don’t think about next week’s Oasis with happy anticipation.  If you live in the Boulder, CO area, I invite you to check out the Oasis description to see if it would work for you.

Now registering for winter workshops:

Yes, You Can!  Beginning Acrylics: Jan. 19/2013 10-4  $75  ($95 with all materials supplied)  Leave with a finished painting after learning the stages of painting and different acrylic techniques.

Sunflowers in Winter: Jan. 26/2013  10-4  $75 ($95 with all materials included)  Learn about painting sunflowers with the exercises and leave with a finished acrylic painting.

Painting Silk Scarves: Feb.2 /2013 10-4  $95 includes all materials.  Paint your own beautiful silk scarf in time for Valentine’s day!

Best Skies Ever: Feb. 23 /2013  10-4  10-4  $85 includes all materials.  Learn to paint incredible skies.

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One Response to What’s in Your Painting Oasis? (Online art lesson #73)

  1. Kay McMullen says:

    A word of encouragement to those who feel “I don’t have a studio.”
    I painted in my kitchen almost every day after work for three years.
    I painted during The News Hour, and on into Antique Road Show.
    I painted some great stuff.
    Finally, I decided I was committed enough to finish off my basement as a studio.
    I still paint some great stuff in the basement.
    So, just keep painting in your kitchen.
    You will paint some great stuff! The studio I have now is great, but my painting in the kitchen was just as good. (Except that I’m getting better with practice.)

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