Watching the Light Return (Online art lesson # 77)

Winter Rainbow, Vermont, Lillian Kennedy

Vermont Winter Rainbow

We’ve passed the Solstice – the days are getting longer now.

It is the season to celebrate the return of light.

Landscape painters study light with particular scrutiny and learn to see beauty in all the nuances.  I know you’re busy this week, but when you need to drive or walk, study the light.  Even if you just have time for a glance out the window, ask “What is uniquely beautiful about this particular light?”

If it’s gloomy where you stand, look for beauty anyhow – there may be a rainbow or light on the distant mountains.  See the subtle harmonies in the muted earth tones – they are just as much a part of this glorious life as the fruitful greens of summer.

sunlight on Adirondack mountains view from Waltham Vermont

Sunlight on the Adirondack Mountains seen from the Grant home in Waltham Vermont



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4 Responses to Watching the Light Return (Online art lesson # 77)

  1. Janette Rozene says:

    Thanks Lillian! Happy and healthy new year to you and your family and your family of fellow artists. Janette

  2. Joy to you, dear Lilly! …and I echo what dear Janette replied to you.

    What lovely photos you have posted. They are inspiring, and if they are yours, you just may see a painting from me of one of them in the future! …you are soooo right, since I have become a landscape painter, I do have a sort of love-affair with the light. I have also learned to find beauty in whatever surroundings in which I find myself. There are times I ache to paint it ALL!

    Looking forward to painting with you in this new year!


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