Using Color in Your Sketchbook (On-line art lesson #4)

Beach in Corsica - photo:Lillian Kennedy
Beach in Corsica – photo:Lillian Kennedy

It’s January – why not “go to the beach”  by doing the assignment.

  • Click on the above Beach in Corsica photo (that will enlarge the image).  Using your choice of media, do a color study of the scene. Let your time doing this feel like a mini vacation on the Mediterranean.  Work on it for a minimum of half an hour. You can work for days if you get inspired.  Draw first or just begin with the color.  Share your experience in the comment section below or email me an image of what you create!
  • Tisha Wood painting in Corsica.  Lillian Kennedy blog
Above right: 3.5″x 5″ watercolor and gouache –  Corsican BeachTisha Wood
  • Tisha had never done this type of thing before this trip, but she is casual yet focused on her work regardless of the  situation.
  • We all forget things – find a way to work anyhow.  The flipper filled with seawater worked just fine.
  • You don’t have to stick to the facts before you – by adding the sailboat, removing the people, and darkening the sky, Tisha created a piece with an emotional tone quite different from the scene.
Latitia Balezi - watercolor: Bastia, Corsica

Tisha Wood: 3" x 5" watercolor Bastia, Corsica. Painted from the cafe just down the street from the next photo.

So, here’s the easy and casual way to start using color in your sketchbook:


Tisha Wood, Myra Balezi, and Tim Watts sketching in CorsicaI tore out sheets from my sketchbook and passed them around while still at lunch.  Tisha Wood, Myra Balezi, and Tim Watts sketching in Bastia, Corsica

Tisha Wood - plein air painting in Corsica on a boat - Lillian  Kennedy Blog Once Tisha learned how easy it is to just begin, there was no stopping her!  This trip was in 2008: Tisha is now a prizewinning working artist who shows regularly.

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7 Responses to Using Color in Your Sketchbook (On-line art lesson #4)

  1. Doris and Janet says:

    What a great idea; much more inspiring than looking out at minus 15 degree white silence this am in Vermont. I know I said I would not be able to do the weekly lesson due to time committments but this is soooo tempting! Go Lily.

  2. LOVE this week’s lesson! …I have a painting that I’m working on for an upcoming show, but I will come back and do this lesson! …this is my favorite so far!

  3. Elaine Krupnick says:

    I am a friend and student of Nyla’s when we are in Boulder half the year. She has been encouraging me to sketch and your class was the imputes to really start. It is so much fun! Thanks for offering this to me and I am sure, so many others. Elaine

    • Lillian Kennedy says:

      Elaine, Thanks for sharing. I am so happy to you have been inspired to begin. Are you doing the beach in Corsica?

  4. Ann Hayes says:

    Lillian – I’m thrilled to be subscribing to this blog and finding about your weekly art lessons. So many fun exercises and exotic trips come to light here! Good work.
    Ann Hayes

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  6. Tisha says:

    This lesson was so good to review especially with your workshop in New York coming up! Thanks you’ ll see me at Vic’s pen in hand.

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