How to Paint a Valentine’s Day Card (On-line art lesson #5)

hand painted card, Abby Sivy, weekly art lesson

Store bought cards can be snatched up while buying the milk (all your Loved Ones know that – they’ve done it). Hand made cards are so much more valued.

Plus that , YOU GET TO CREATE!

Left:  When Abby Sivy made this rooster card in class, she wasn’t thinking of Valentine’s day, but with a caption such as Our Love Is Something to Crow About, it would be great.  You don’t have to paint hearts.

So, here’s how:

1. Fold a piece of paper in half.  While you can use any paper, heavy paper is best.  Canvas paper was used in the examples shown, but often I use Bristol paper or card stock.

2. Tape the paper to a work surface / board.  Note: You want the fold to be on the top if you do a horizontal card and on the left if you do a vertical card.

The tape not only holds the paper down, it also makes a border or frame for the image (once removed), so be sure to place it evenly on all edges.

3. You don’t need a full set of paints. You can use acrylics, watercolors, even crayons.    Paint from your imagination, look at something in front of you, or use a photo reference.

Work to your heart’s content.  Stay relaxed about the results – “it’s the thought that counts”.  I suggest that students do this exercise to relax if they are nervous about painting. “It’s a CARD not fine art.”  Funny how well they turn out with this attitude!

painting hand made cards in art lessons with Lillian Kennedy

Making cards is a way to loosen up your painting while delighting your Significant Others. Note the tape (blue) on the card's edges.

Dina Elder -  hand painted card - Lillian Kennedy acrylic painting class

Dina Elder - hand painted card. Shown in process at left.

JP's card painted in acrylic painting lessons

JP's card. Note the clean borders from the taping.

4. Take off the tape, and think of a clever note to write on the  inside.  Voila!

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