Travels To A New Hemisphere ((KB Cafe Free Drawing Lesson #6 )

Not only did Bob Turner go to the Southern Hemisphere to get his drawing’s subject matter, he also went into the Right Hemisphere of his brain to get the job done.   Bob is a retired mechanical engineer, and you can tell he made the brave trip over the Corpus Callosum  into the La-La Land of Artists by the fact that he missed the date by a month. To Right Brainers, such things as proper dates are a “whatever” while a perfectly expressive line is worth spending a day to achieve.

Bob Turner's Machu Picchu drawing

Bob Turner’s Machu Picchu drawing

Bob had never drawn for pleasure before attending the KB Cafe Free Drawing Workshops, and now he seems hooked.  He did this petunia drawing yesterday too. They are both strong and delightful.  The petunia was drawn from life in his garden.  

Bob Turner's petunia drawing

Bob Turner’s petunia drawing

Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards is apopular book, but I need someone to write Doing Paperwork from the Left Side of the Brain.

This coming Saturday (Aug. 6) We will draw Veggies.  Bring your garden vegetables if you have them.  After lunch my sister is bringing cake for my birthday.

Supportive and Fun. No experience necessary.  Join anytime. Materials Provided. All adults welcome.

Every Saturday 11:30 – 1  at the KB Cafe in Kennedy Brothers: 11 Main St.  Vergennes, VT.

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2 Responses to Travels To A New Hemisphere ((KB Cafe Free Drawing Lesson #6 )

  1. Bob Turner says:

    You are too funny 😀. You really observe all the details. Thanks for the date catch.

    Your relaxed style of teaching helps students avoid self criticism and builds confidence with new drawings.

  2. I, too, could use that Writing From the Left Brain book, Lill…and I love Bob’s drawings! I love that he is drawing from life, and not from photos…go, Bob, GO!

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