Inspiration is Available – A Card from the Heart (On-line art lesson #7)

The scheduled lesson (an instructional video on drawing and painting roses) was preempted by an email from subscriber Connie Carlberg.  Connie explained how the light-hearted approach to the Muse in last week’s lesson made her able to listen to her inner voice without having to “believe” in anything.

Valentine's Card, Connie Carlberg, acrylic and collage

Valentine's Card - Connie Carlberg 10"x8" acrylic and collage - click on image to enlarge

By connecting with her right brain hemisphere though the ruse of the Muse, she was in touch with her creative side.  She felt guided in adding collage to this remarkable Valentine created for Yohapriya, a Sri Lankan girl whose family Connie helps to support in a far away village.

Connie is making a difference in her way and she let me know that this site is beginning to make a difference in another way.  I think of that girl, half a world away, and her smile and warm heart when she receives this painting that was inspired by these virtual lessons. The thought of that spreading energy  answers my questions about why I feel so passionate about creating this online community.

This week the the assignment is to review what we have covered so far.  Have you made a commitment to draw once a week?  Are you carrying a sketchbook with you?  Are you listening to your creative side?

Attention subscribers: you have to click on the title in order to be taken to the site where the videos (and other bells and whistles) are shown.  Last week most of you had no way to know that a video was included in the post.

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4 Responses to Inspiration is Available – A Card from the Heart (On-line art lesson #7)

  1. Doris and Janet says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Lily. What a wonderful still life! You are the best. Have you logged on to ‘Art Project powered by Google’ yet? I am stunned; virtual tours of many of the worlds best museums and all kinds of ways to view the art and hear the audio tours. Amazing. Love from Doris and Janet

  2. Sally Ayres says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Loved the video once I found it! Also am having a great time with your nudges. Warming up here in York, PA!

  3. Ilene says:

    Love your lessons! I signed up to receive your videos from so I’ll be able to find them. Can I link these on my blog?

  4. It made my heart smile to think of a child being touched in such a wonderful way…and I think Ilene has a great idea! I’d like to link your stuff to my blog as well.

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