Find an Art Buddy (On-line art lesson #8)

Libby Wheeler - Acrylic Painting

Libby Wheeler - Acrylic Painting

Shelley, Libby, and Ilene paint together in Doylestown, PA on Thursdays.  This week they decided to “go to the beach” by doing the assignment from Weekly Art Lesson#4 . (all previous lessons are available in the archives for your continued use).

They painted together for about three hours and then emailed their “works in progress”.

They call themselves Broads with Brushes, and I suspect that they have a very good time together!

While it is often both necessary and desired to paint in isolation, there are solid reasons to paint with others.  The important thing is to find a balance that works for you!

Some reasons to occasionally get together to work with others:

  • If you have been doing art for a long time but find your enthusiasm lagging, get an art buddy.
  • If you’re inspired and working regularly in your own studio, getting together on a schedule with other artists may help to prevent too much isolation (which, even if we prefer it, can make us a bit strange over the long haul).
  • If you are new to art and need encouragement to get started or to set aside the time to practice, find an art buddy.
  • You want feedback / ideas – some groups are set up just for this.

Would you benefit from a regular time doing art with other people?  Art groups exist in almost every town.  Join a group or form your own with a friend.  Take (or teach) a class if you need to meet other artists.  If you are stalled for any reason, working with others can give you a jump start.

Stay alert to what will be the most stimulating to your creative process, and realize that you probably need both to be in balance.

Shelley Weiss - drawing

Shelley Weiss - drawing

Ilene Rubin - acrylic painting

Ilene Rubin - acrylic painting

You and your art are the reason this site exists! Keep emailing the art that it inspires you to create.  A big BRAVO to the Broads with Brushes!

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5 Responses to Find an Art Buddy (On-line art lesson #8)

  1. This is a great post, Lil! …and one that is near and dear to my heart. How I cherish my painting buddies. I have been helped in so many ways by painting with the group. I am so thankful that the Good Lord led me to you. My paintings and my life have been enriched by you all.

  2. Ilene says:

    OMG! Broads with Brushes rides again! Woohoo! Lillian we are very happy to be a part of your weekly art lesson and loved participating! It was fun to see how differently we approached the same subject. While none of us felt that our painting/drawing was at the point where they didn’t need a few more hours to finish them, we did it for the exercise and didn’t mind sharing them at their ‘in process’ state. This created a fun afternoon for the Broads with Brushes! Thanks for posting them; you’re the best!

  3. Libby Wheeler says:

    Lillian, thank you so much for posting my painting!! This is my first time ever on a blog! I am so excited I can hardly contain myself!!! Yes, we did enjoy creating the assignment you gave us. I find it truly fascinating when 3 people paint the same scene and produce such a variety of interpretations!!! “Broads with Brushes” is in full swing now, for sure!! Merci !!

  4. D says:

    HI–I have a group of painting buddies too. It really makes it more fun. I hope you will still post the instructional video on drawing and painting roses that you made mention of. Thanks.

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