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How to Draw a Tree: a peek at the process (Online art lesson #72)

Tree drawing is akin to tree hugging, but you get graphite, not bark, under your fingernails.  When drawing trees, you get to visually hug way up to the crown  and out to the ends of the smallest twigs. This video … Continue reading

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Painting from Your Computer at Your Office Desk: 7 Tips to making it Easier and More Effective (Online art lesson #70)

Your office desk can double as a mini studio without upsetting the paperwork flow if you follow a few simple precautions. 1. Put your paperwork away first. 2. Work small.  For a suggested mini kit watch this video. 3.  Protect … Continue reading

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Step, Step, Masterpiece (Online art lesson #46)

subscribers: click on post title to view on the home page How do you paint a masterpiece?  One step at a time.  For some, the steps are all graceful. For most of us, it’s step (followed by breathe, look, think, … Continue reading

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How Any Artist Can Make a Few Bucks Before Breakfast (Online art lesson #38)

This is not one of those “Make money while you sleep!”  lessons, but if you’re serious about making a buck before breakfast, watch the video.  Subscribers, click HERE if the video isn’t visible. Click the icon on the lower right … Continue reading

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