Publish your Palm Tree Drawings for the World to See! (Online art lesson #49)

This is your moment to jump the wall that defines the edge of your comfort zone.

Last week we had an easy lesson on drawing palm trees.   We learned to pick up a pen and doodle palm trees in margins and on scrap paper.   Now a new challenge….. send it to me and I’ll put it on last week’s post for the world to see.

Showing your work is part of the healthy cycle of creating. The creative cycle isn’t complete unless you show your work.  Refrigerators count just as much as museums, but, if you choose the frig,  get a noncompeting magnet because presentation matters.  Don’t worry, be healthy.

  • Send a photo of your palm tree drawings to

    Palm tree painting, acrylic, Lillian Kennedy 5"x5"

    Can you sense the steps from the last lesson in this acrylic palm tree painting. ( Lillian Kennedy 5"x 5")

  • I’ll take care of cropping, correcting exposure, etc.
  • Include your city and state.
  • Include your name or leave your drawing anonymous.
  • It would be interesting if you included your profession – optional.
  • If you have a website and include it, I will make a link for you and that way the world will have another doorway to your site.



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One Response to Publish your Palm Tree Drawings for the World to See! (Online art lesson #49)

  1. Hi Lillian!

    Whenever I do last week’s lesson, I’ll send you one! Actually, I’ll have a “before” the lesson and “after” the lesson, as I did a palm tree painting from memory about 2-1/2 years ago. So, that should be interesting–but unfortunately, I’m still desperately working on my sketchbook project. I still have a few little illustrations to do, and I have to mail it Tuesday morning! 🙁 But, I’m having fun with it, and I proved to myself that I could do it! YAY!!! However much more I get done on it, I AM mailing it Tuesday morning. See you in Club Tuesday!

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