How to Make an Artsy New Year’s Toast (Online artlesson #45)

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New Year's Toast - Here's to being sweet and beautiful on the outside while staying crunchy and wholesome on the inside.

Here’s to a year of fearless drawing and painting! 

How to make an artsy New Year’s Toast:

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How to make the New Year's toast

1. Toast  bread.

2. Spread with frosting.

3. Use gel food colors and simply paint into the frosting.

4. Vodka is used to thin the gel food colors.

5. Regular art  brushes naturally create a beautiful line in the frosting (  Silver Ruby Satin brushes are shown here – they are wonderful).

5. Mistakes are easy to correct  – scrape off with a butter knife and repaint – or eat!
For more inspiration on Cake Painting, view Super Easy Cake Painting

How I came to make the toast:

1. Asked to paint wildflowers on a very important cake and not having a clue how to do it, I wanted to start practicing immediately .

2. Research was done on the internet and art supplies were bought at the supermarket early New Year’s day.

3. Bread was available and somewhat close to cake in consistency.

I love puns, but didn’t plan this one.  Happy new Year!


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4 Responses to How to Make an Artsy New Year’s Toast (Online artlesson #45)

  1. LOVE this! …and I say that Hannah is a very blessed young woman who will have a masterpiece for her cake!

  2. Tisha says:

    warning add a couple of mimosa’s to savor as you attempt to emulate a kennedy masterpiece!

  3. Jill Musser says:

    Beautiful! A very special wedding coming up, I presume!

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