Get a Free Copy of “The Painter’s Keys” by Robert Genn Mailed to You!

FREE BOOK! During the month of November 2012 we’re (that would be the people at R Genn’s place  – NOT the WeeklyArtLesson) mailing a free copy of The Painter’s Keys–A Seminar with Robert Genn to subscribers who copy Twice-Weekly Letter material to their sites, publications or blogs, give credit and link to us. Yep, the book’s free. No kidding. The first hundred will receive an autographed copy. All you need to do is use the material of your choice, link to us, and then send us your mailing address. We’ll do the rest.

I’m a big fan of Robert Genn.  He writes with intelligence and wit and it’s a pleasure to get his yummy nuggets delivered to my email inbox.  Subscribing is free, and, as with the WeeklyArtLesson, subscribing doesn’t obligate you for anything – don’t even open the emails (right away) if you’re busy.

When I saw this notice of the free books, I rushed to share it with you.  Click around while you’re at the site because there is a lot more going on than just the Newsletter .



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  1. I l-o-o-o-o-ve these letters by Robert Genn. Since you “turned me on to them” a few years ago, I have learned sooo much! I hope you get your free book! I linked this offer to my facebook page. I hope I get a free book, too! If you get one, will you show it to me? Thanks!

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