Emergency Art Kit – Just Add Water (Online art lesson #32)

Emergency art kit -just add water

Emergency art kit -just add water

This emergency kit has been known to cure the following symptoms:

    • uncontrollable urge to “do something” with your hands
    • boredom
    • extreme restlessness
    • loneliness
    • need to be alone
    • odd desire to “become one with nature”
    • “I’ve Got to paint NOW or else…”
    • You never know when the symptoms will occur and you will need the kit - this was painted while sailing

      Painted while sailing in Vermont.

BE PREPARED: Always keep a kit nearby. Art supplies can be applied in most situations for immediate health benefits.

To put together your emergency kit, study the options shown in these lessons:

As you can see, I’ve covered areas of this topic several times already.  I will continue writing about it (with variations) because it is fundamental – at a minimum, keep a paper and pen with you.

The images is this post are from the small spiral watercolor pad that I used on trips to the boat / beach/ etc. this summer.

Have you been carrying a sketchbook?  How is it going for you?

Lillian Kennedy - 5x7 watercolor and gouache - Emerald Isle, NC

Emerald Isle, NC - A painting takes just a few minutes with watercolor and gouache - this piece is still in the spiral pad. The frame (5"x7") is set on top to demonstrate the convenience of working in a standard size. L Kennedy

 Please share in the comments.  Your emails and comments keep me going.   I read them all with delight.  I love building this community and appreciate every one of you. 



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4 Responses to Emergency Art Kit – Just Add Water (Online art lesson #32)

  1. David Proudfoot says:

    Fine painting of the beach. It catches the light and feeling of summer wading in the surf.

  2. Ahhhh….I just received my backordered Cotman watercolor kit in the mail from Utrecht a few days ago! I have decided that I need to keep a bag “ready to pick up and go.” …and I need to leave it in the car! alas–I have not yet developed the habit of carrying the little sketchbook with me yet, but maybe that is because I have not been carrying my purse with me all summer. I could fit one in my purse. hmmm, yes I should start doing that. We’re all glad you will be home soon! I miss Club Tuesdays.

  3. cat says:

    How I wish I could fly in for the weekly drop in classes. But I am very happy to have found you as an inspiration online. Thanks for sharing your talent and suggestions! I have gotten to where I keep a golf pencil and some cut squares of cardstock in my back pocket on days when I am rushing around without a purse for my sketchbook. Someday that golf pencil may be a problem, but in the meantime, I have drawn a lot of little 3 x 4 minute studies that are fun.

    • Lillian Kennedy says:

      How clever to carry the pencil and card stock in your pocket. I’m sure that it is rewarding. It’s an inspiring idea – thanks for sharing it.
      If you can’t come for the drop in classes, perhaps sometime I can come to your area for a workshop. That would be exciting. I’m off to Minnesota tomorrow.

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