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Painting from Your Computer at Your Office Desk: 7 Tips to making it Easier and More Effective (Online art lesson #70)

Your office desk can double as a mini studio without upsetting the paperwork flow if you follow a few simple precautions. 1. Put your paperwork away first. 2. Work small.  For a suggested mini kit watch this video. 3.  Protect … Continue reading

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Yankees and Odd Socks (Online art lesson #69)

This post is dedicated to my Mom, Marion Kennedy, who passed at ninety five this summer.  Being a good Yankee, she saved everything and taught us to think of uses for things (such as odd socks) that otherwise might get … Continue reading

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Insights Into Tisha Wood’s Painting Style (Online art lesson # 68)

I’ve always loved to watch Tisha Wood paint. Her moves (made with a knife) are  unpredictable and full of  surprises. Her right-brained method of working keeps me alert and delighted. Subscribers: click on the post title to see view post … Continue reading

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Staying in Touch

The wedding of Hannah and Jonathan Cohen was beautiful.  Magical.  Here they are under the wedding canopy a week ago. Four days later, with my sisters back at her side, my Mom passed away with a radiant smile.  She was … Continue reading

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On Weddings and Good Paintings (Online art lesson #67)

A close association or union – A WEDDING – is crucial in painting.  How do you join disparate elements into a complete vision, a whole? Landscape painters take sky and fields and make them one with rocks and buildings.  Trees … Continue reading

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Quick Decisions and Focused Intentions: Jericho Plein Air Festival (Online art lesson #66)

Last Saturday 75 artists gathered at the Emile Gruppe Gallery in Jericho, Vermont. By 8:00 they had talked, eaten, caffeinated, and scattered into the nearby fields and town.  At 3:00 pm they returned to frame fresh finished paintings which were … Continue reading

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Linear Perspective: Cast Shadows (Online art lesson #65)

Hold your finger up and look at it.  The side away from the light is darker.  That is a FORM shadow.  Now put your finger on a piece of white paper.  The paper is darker next to  the dark side … Continue reading

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Must Have Art Books! (Online art lesson #64)

“Must have art books!” is a simple statement along the lines of “Will work for food!” Rummaging  through stacks of old books and papers, I felt like an addict needing a fix.  I was tippy and needed an art book … Continue reading

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Drawing Flowers: The Individuals in the Bouquet (Online art lesson #63)

To honor the memory of Margaret Munt  (July 3, 1954 – May 31, 2012), we’re drawing flowers this week.  Select a few flowers almost at random.  They can be wildflowers, roadside “weeds”, or carefully cultivated varieties. Admire each one from … Continue reading

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Between a Rock and a Wet Place: Keeping Your Art Balance (Online art lesson #62)

PleinAir Magazine’s Paint the Adirondacks Invitational – WOW! Eric Rhoads and his team pulled off an event so inspirational that I will be motivated by it for months to come. All the amazing people, paintings, and places… all the rare … Continue reading

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